Pizza and burgers are great and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, eating foods like that every night isn’t all that great, and can even be quite boring. It’s time for you and your family to expand your horizons and give your taste buds some exciting new flavors and foods.

No more eating the same boring meal each night — head out to some new and exciting restaurants and try some new and exciting foods! Here are some types of cuisine that you and your family should try this year.

Mediterranean diet cuisine served on the table

Mediterranean diet cuisine served on the table

Mediterranean Cuisine

More than 20 countries border the Mediterranean Sea and each nation has its own unique culture and cooking style that is part of the “Mediterranean diet.” Mediterranean restaurants have some of the tastiest foods in the entire world. Plus, these meals actually offer some great health benefits like reducing post-menopausal estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer and improving glycemic control. Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine offers online ordering and delivery, as well!

Peruvian ceviche

Peruvian ceviche with maize

South American Cuisine

South America might not come to mind when people think of new and exciting food dishes, but there certainly are plenty of tasty options your family can try. Like Peruvian ceviche, which is cured raw fish in wafer-thin slices. Or Argentinian empanadas filled with meats, cheeses, veggies, and flavor!

kimchi cabbage

Kimchi cabbage, a popular Korean cuisine

Korean Cuisine

A bowl of comfort food with delicious meats, fresh ginger, spicy gochujang, and a few runny eggs on top? That sounds amazing. Kimchi is a popular Korean dish due to its health benefits associated with friendly gut bacteria — but it also tastes great. Try Korean clam broth, rice pot, or some nice BBQ wings.

Bigos stew

Bigos stew, a traditional Polish dish with cabbage

Polish Cuisine

Polish and other Slavic dishes are warm, hearty, and downright delicious. Polish sausage soup or piernik is a great way to start if you’re just breaking into this tasty style of food. But, if you and your family really want to enjoy a nice Polish mean, try Bigos stew and some Polish apple cake for dessert. No more of those boring family meals night after night — it’s time to enjoy some delicious cuisines from around the world. If you are ready to try some of the best Mediterranean food around and check out delicious Mediterranean restaurants, check out Aladdins Houston with your family right away.