We’ve all been at a nice restaurant hoping to see something on the menu that is both delicious and healthy, only to find the deliciousness seriously outweighs the healthiness.

And besides, what does “healthiness” really mean? There are so many diets that work extremely well, but it’s near impossible to indulge in a nice and healthy meal outside of your own home – or inside, if you’d rather order in and let us do the cooking.

With the Mediterranean diet, however, you can enjoy all sorts of amazing dishes and still focus on your health. There are Mediterranean restaurants that offer the best Mediterranean food options for you to enjoy while still adhering to your diet.

Benefits of Adhering to the Mediterranean Diet

Prevent stroke and heart disease — Since the Mediterranean diet will limit your intake of refined breads, red meat, and processed foods, you’ll significantly reduce your chance of developing serious heart-related issues down the road. Additionally, the diet encourages drinking more red wine, as opposed to hard liquor, which prevents stroke and heart disease, as well.

Protect from diabetes — This diet can actually protect you from type 2 diabetes and even improve your glycemic control.

Keeps you strong and agile — The Mediterranean diet is packed full of nutrients that will keep you agile and strong, even in your elder years. In fact, adhering to this diet can even reduce your risk of developing muscle weakness and other signs of frailty by as much as 70%.

Shed those unwanted pounds — This diet plan is great if you’re hoping to lose weight without essentially starving yourself. You can still enjoy some of the best Mediterranean foods without tipping the scale. This diet works to help manage weight and decrease overall fat intake in a natural manner, allowing you to consume much more nutrient-dense and healthy foods.

Combat cancer — Plant foods like fruits and vegetables are a main part of the Mediterranean diet, and are great for fighting cancer. These foods provide antioxidants, stop cell mutation, lessen inflammation, and can even delay tumor growth.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of adhering to the Mediterranean diet or enjoy some of these incredible dishes from a quality Mediterranean restaurant, check out Aladdin Houston today!