Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your significant other will almost always culminate in a romantic dinner for two. If you’re considering the perfect Valentine’s dinner for the occasion, rely on the benefits of Mediterranean food to create a memorable evening.

Here’s why Mediterranean food is the perfect Valentine’s adventure.

Hummus is an aphrodisiac

Hummus is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, but did you know that the chickpeas that makeup create your favorite dish are an aphrodisiac? That’s right: hummus can increase sensual feelings between you and your partner. This is because chickpeas contain arginine, a type of amino acid which elevates blood circulation. Whether you’re sharing chips over a bowl of hummus or including the rich spread on a delicious falafel, any and all Mediterranean recipes can be improved upon with a dollop of flavorful hummus.

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Mediterranean Food is healthy

The “Mediterranean Diet” has been a popular diet trend for a reason. This healthy diet consists of plenty of vegetables, greens, and whole grains without sacrificing flavor in the process.

Instead of indulging in the heavy, unhealthy chocolates and carbs associated with the holiday of love, enjoying healthy Mediterranean food at your local falafel restaurant will help you keep your New Year’s resolution on track. Whether you opt to eat in or take it to go, you never have to worry about a bulging waistline after a particularly indulgent Valentine’s Day.

Mediterranean Food is unique

When you want to craft a Valentine’s Day to remember, why not try something new? Mediterranean catering is light, refreshing, flavorful, and memorable since it contains a conglomerate of flavors, recipes, and cooking style. In fact, the cuisine relies on the input from over 20 countries throughout the Mediterranean region. This ensures that you’ll always have something new to try. Dare your partner to order something new or rely on old favorites for a cozy night in. This refreshing change to your Valentine’s Day menu might even create a holiday tradition.

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