Q22: How is the final menu decided?

Start by exploring our menu options at aladdinshouston.com. Once you have some items in mind, contact us via email, text, or phone. Our catering specialist will offer advice on menu selection to ensure a balanced meal, drawing on our 15 years of experience....

Q21: Are there additional fees for extra services?

Additional services such as servers, cleanup crew, plate and utensil rentals, or even on-site entertainment like a belly dancer are available upon request. These services incur additional fees, which we're happy to discuss to tailor the event to your needs.

Q19: How do you handle leftover food?

If there are leftovers, simply email us the details, and our chef will provide the best and safest suggestions on handling them, either via phone call or email response.

Q17: Do you offer tasting sessions?

Tasting sessions are available for orders catering to 100 people or more. It's a great way to ensure your menu selection will delight all your guests.

Q13: How far in advance should I place my catering order?

The lead time for your order depends on its size. For parties under 40 people, 24 to 48 hours is sufficient. For gatherings of more than 50 people, we ask for a minimum of 2 days' notice. For large events with 100 or more guests, we require at least 5 days to ensure...

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For intimate gatherings, exclusive celebrations, or grand-scale events, our catering services are meticulously crafted to accommodate your specific requirements and financial plan.

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