For some reason, people think that Mediterranean food is expensive. Though some of the best Mediterranean foods inside fancy restaurants might be a little pricey, the average cost of a Mediterranean entree is only $7.48 in the United States.

There are plenty of falafel restaurants that offer all types of delicious Mediterranean cuisine options for you and your family to enjoy.

Here are some of the most popular Mediterranean food options that you and your family should try at some point this year:


  1. Falafel — If this is your first time visiting falafel restaurants, you have, to try falafel. You probably won’t be disappointed. Falafel is made from chickpeas, onions, herbs, and spices. All of these ingredients are processed and fried together, creating a crispy exterior, soft interior, and delicious snack. Even if you have pretended to hate vegetables your entire life, deep-friend veggies from the Mediterranean might be right up your alley — give it a try.
  2. Pilaf — Pilaf rice is fried and cooked in a spicy broth, which can be great with virtually any Mediterranean dish on the menu. You can enhance the rice’s flavor by adding pieces of meat, dried fruit, nuts, or all kinds of spices.
  3. Lahmajoun — Lahmajoun is a thin dough topped with a layer of bell peppers, onions, spices, and ground beef. It’s essentially the Mediterranean’s pizza and looks almost as good as it actually tastes.
  4. Pita — You’ve probably had pita bread before, but purchasing it from a grocery store or pita chain isn’t the same. You need to try authentic pita inside a legitimate Mediterranean establishment. This thin bread is great to dip in hummus and all kinds of sauces. Plus, you can even wrap meats and other entrees in a pita and chow down!
  5. Moussaka — Moussaka is a Greek oven-baked dish that is essentially Mediterranean lasagna. It consists of eggplants, potatoes, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, red wine, spices, cheese, and is covered with bechamel sauce. Yum!


If you want to learn more about any of these tasty food options or head to falafel restaurants for the first time, check out Aladdin Houston today and enjoy your meal!