As much as we might try to convince ourselves otherwise, the average corporate event can be a bore. Whether it’s a retirement party or an annual presentation, the food almost always leaves something to be desired. With the right food from the right restaurant, your event can become a buzzing hub for networking, training, and collaboration. Learn why Mediterranean catering is the perfect choice for your next corporate event and you’ll be calling up your favorite falafel restaurant before you know it.

It’s tasty and healthy

Even if you’ve only had a bite of Mediterranean food before, you know how delicious it is. It has just enough kick to it to please the spice-lovers in your company but not an overwhelming amount that would displease those with a milder palate. Better yet, you’ll be giving your event attendees healthy options with Mediterranean catering. Low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat, the Mediterranean diet follows U.S. dietary guidelines’ recommendation that saturated fat should make up less than 10% of an individual’s calorie intake. This will satisfy even the most health-conscious in your company.

Provides different menu options

The average workplace event will usually have food options from the local grocery store or dishes that are made by the employees. If you’ve had two or three of these events before, everyone is going to be a bit bored of the same casseroles and they won’t be interested in the exact snacks they have in their pantries at home. Mediterranean cuisine gives people the opportunity to try something they never have before. Not only will this be a great culinary experience for them, but they will forever associate your event with trying that delicious dish for the first time.

Lessens your stress and responsibility

If you’ve organized a corporate event before, you know how much work and preparation goes into it. And a good chunk of that stress comes from making sure all of the food makes it to the table. Rather than dealing with the chaos, clean-up, and leftovers that result from a potluck, you can pass on the responsibility of the food to a Mediterranean catering company. With their experience and know-how, these catering companies can swiftly prepare, serve, and clean up any meal. All you have to do is eat it.

Give your company an event to remember by arranging top-notch catering. The food will be delicious and the experience will be even better.