Mediterranean food is one of the most delicious — and nutritious — food options around. When you’re indulging at your favorite Mediterranean restaurant, you might wonder what spices are used to create the food you know and love.

There are countless spices used to make your favorite dishes, but a few staples rise above the rest. Here are some of the primary spices used in the Mediterranean recipes that you can add to your own kitchen.


When this flowering plant is transformed into a cooking spice, no Mediterranean lover can resist the allure of putting this spice on just about everything. Cumin comes from the Middle East and countless Mediterranean dishes have adopted this distinctive spice to create a unique flavor profile in a variety of dishes.

Cumin is commonly used in curry, but it is also a staple in stews, soups, chili, and more.


This spice blend is a savory addition that inspires creativity in every dish it touches. It consists of thyme, oregano, and marjoram which creates a unique flavor profile. When it’s mixed with sesame seeds and dried sumac, it appears on almost every table in Israel.

You will often find this dish mixed with olive oil to create a delicious dip or slathered on veggies for a breaded surprise. Some particularly creative chefs have even used this spice blend in chocolates.


This spice has a higher price point than other options on the list since it’s difficult to grow and cultivate. However, a little saffron goes a long way. Only a small sprinkling of this herb will transform any dish for the better.

This herbaceous addition inspires light flavors like bright honey. You can easily identify this spice in many dishes since it adds a refreshing, bright orange color that’s impossible to miss.

If you’re not able to recreate your favorite Mediterranean cuisine at home, don’t worry: the average cost of a Mediterranean entree is only $7.48 in the United States. With such an affordable and nutritious option available for Mediterranean take out and catering, you can indulge in your favorite foods whenever you want!

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